Quality Audits and Mystery Shopper


Our audits area’s main objective is to present you with all the necessary information to facilitate decision making regarding policies at the Point of Sale. Whether through our quality audits or through our Mystery Shopper audits, we provide you with an accurate snapshot of the situation at the POS.

Mystery Shoppers:

  • - Experience the sale from your client’s perspective.
  • - Keep a record on audio and/or video of each visit.
  • - Face to face, telephone and/or online audits.
  • - Get a real a snapshot off the POS’ situation.
  • - Detect critical customer care mistakes.
  • - Measure the effectiveness of your marketing and training plans.
  • - Know the real position of your brand at the POS.
  • - Benchmarking: Know your competitors actions.
  • - Raise your commercial channel’s loyalty by rewarding their good practices instantaneously.
  • - Obtain accurate and objective reports.


  • - Face to face, Phone and/or online audits.
  • - Customer Satisfaction Audits.
  • - Quality audits.
  • - Image audits.
  • - Price Reports.
  • - Information analysis.
  • - Graphs.