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Incentives and Loyalty programs


We believe that people are the greatest asset of a company. As specialists in Incentives and Loyalty, we create motivational experiences to generate changes in the attitude of key people to fulfill business objectives.
Due to our experience we know the necessary steps to ensure the success of an incentive or motivation program, a recognition or loyalty campaign locally in Argentina or regionally in America.

What is a non monetary Incentive Program?

The incentives are modern management tools used to reach specific goals, awarding with different perks those members that reach the objectives.

Why making an incentive campaign?


  • - Increasing the sales.
  • - Introducing a new product.
  • - Increasing the productivity.
  • - Develop new markets.
  • - Earn more clients.
  • - Increase the distribution.
  • - Reducir la morosidad del cliente.
  • - Support promotions .

  • - Reduce Accidents at work.
  • - Reduce claiming.
  • - Increase the mixing of products.
  • - Increase client´s attention.
  • - Reduce discounts without loosing sales.
  • - withhold the best employees.

Who should we motivate?

Salespersons, promoters, administrative employees, production employees, wholesalers and retailers’ clients, distributors and final consumers can be the target of an incentive. If you are thinking about motivating your own staff, you should be aware that the lack of recognition is the main reason for personnel resignations. In AV we offer recognition and motivational programs that will light up the flame of self-improvement and motivation individually and as a team.

Loyality Programs

Benefits Programs


An attractive, creative and accessible communication is the key to achieve a genuine connection of the participants with the program objectives throughout the use of different information and motivation tools.

• Webs Sites: The website is the most complete and dynamic tool allowing the implementation of a simple informational site to consult rankings and rules, or even the possibility of an entire online incentive program.

• Award catalog: We develop Award Catalogs with appropriate awards for the participant’s profile. Printed or online support with safe and exclusive log in. Inmediate change all along the fulfillment system covering the entire Latin America.

• Teasers:Teasers are little surprises or creative communications aimed to keep the participants engaged and motivate with the program by making them feel they can win the awards when meeting the program’s objectives. Teasers can be motivational messages via email or sms, secret elements, surprise boxes, incentive travel destination postcards and much more.

• Newsletters:It is a communication vehicle of the program itself that informs participants about the scores and news from the campaign, but also serves to share images of the winners, the incentive travel, and the special events. We deliver design, contents production, geographic coverage and printed or online publication.