Point of Sales
Brand Management

Nowadays, the consumer’s purchase decision is not only influenced by the name of a brand or the perceived quality of the product. In a competitive market like this, the company that disregards the situation of its brand at the POS will inevitably fall to its competitors.
In AV we designed the POS Brand Management service in order to enhance your product’s image and convey your brand experience at the POS, where 80% of purchases are defined

Our service includes

Comprehensive POS’s assistance: trade marketing, decoration, research, benchmarking, price controls and relationship marketing trough a team highly trained for this purpose. Regular reports and information analysis.
Merchandising Fulfillment:merchandising inventory, POP and promotional materials management.
Reports online: through our software, customers have access to the information with complete confidentiality. The information gathered by promo-salers and merchandisers is loaded into the software periodically generating accurate sales, stock, and POP reports and information about competitors’ actions. These reports are updated regularly and accessible 24 / 7.

The team

Each Point of Sale Brand Management Team is designed specifically according to the characteristics of each particular project, Working on the basis of four key concepts:

  • - Excellence in training
  • - Constant motivation
  • - Image
  • - Performance Evaluation

There are two basic roles

PROMOSALERS: They are responsible for brand image, relationship marketing and general audit of your brand position in one or two strategically selected POS, according to the Project requirements. With solid technical knowledge in sales and trading, they also contribute to the purchasing decision of potential customers to your brand.
MERCHANDISERS:Focused on the quality of your product’s presence at the POS, this role is designed to achieve good geographical coverage, with emphasis on aesthetics and relationship with the POS’ staff and management, in order to achieve an excellent distribution and exhibition of POP material.


  • 1. Large geographical coverage.
  • 2. immaculate presence and brand image through a highly trained assistants POS team .
  • 3. Brand positioning in the POS.
  • 4. Greater dynamism in the loading and information reports.
  • 5. Resource Optimization.
  • 6. Strategic information for decision making.
  • 7. Update / reclassification of POS database.
  • 8. Unification in the display criteria / Brand Manuals .