Poken is a device that makes the information exchange faster by only a touch. It's the new tool that allows you to connect, share and keep the contact


Poken it's the new Social Business card, where people can collect digital information instantly without relying on an internet connection or a PC to make the exchange effective. Everytime a touch is made and the Poken light turns green, every device will add in the data base all the information loaded by the other contact in its personal Poken. All the collected information its automatically organized in a time line inside the digital agenda, called PokenHUB.
Each profile update or modification is instantlye actualize. There is no need to make Poken again. If there's no time to chat, use cell phone, text: There's always enough time to Poken! Poken has already expanded to over than 50 countries. The networking revolution for events that is a success in Europe and United States has come to Argentina!

10 reasons why to have Poken:

  • - Allows contact keeping throughout years.
  • - Young style and corporative design.
  • - The storage is totally safe and automatically refreshed.
  • - 400 contact can be saved and download their information.
  • - If you want to reach someone, just Poken Him or Her!.
  • - Poken is registered in more than 30 social media.
  • - It works as a business card
  • - It can be personalized with your company logo.
  • - The PokenHUB timeline allows contact finding even if you don´t remember their provenance.
  • - They protect de environment!

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